Urban Gardening With Succulents in Beautiful Vancouver, BC

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Little Lights

After two months of au pairing in Genoa, Italy and attending the Pemberton Music Festival I am back in Vancouver and excited to start drawing, reading, making terrariums and collecting vintage clothes for my Etsy shop! It is scary how fast time goes by; especially in the summer.  

Things I did in Italy:

Collected over a pound of stunning rounded sea glass.  Learned to speak basic basic Italian. Ate gelato almost everyday.  Got locked into the grounds of a cemetary (had to call the police to get myself out!). Had tea and biscuits for breakfast.  Learned how to make pesto from an Italian born in Genova (my au pair host).  Went skinny sipping in the Mediterranean (made the mistake of doing so on a private beach with security!).  Caught fireflies (which my au pair host Cristina explained that the word firefly in Italian is “lucciola” which translates to little lights.  I think that it is the sweetest name.) Bought vintage clothing at Italian street markets.

The apartment building where my au pair host families home was located

The apartment building where my au pair host families home was located

Went to a rap/feminist University street party in Pisa with two guys from Finneland.  Stayed up till four am at a hostel singing songs with a group from 5 different countries.  Learned to be alone.  

I think that last one is the most important thing I brought home from traveling. 


Tomorrow morning I head out to my best friend’s cottage.  She has been around since Kindergarten and is a witty blonde beach babe.  Her family cottage is insane. It is located on a tiny tiny island off of Vancouver Island.  It is the type of place you can hardly describe with words.  

The front deck has an arbutus tree growing through it. The centre of the island is filled with mounding moss; perfect for picnics. The main beach consists of crushed shells as opposed to sand and the Island can be biked covered by bike within 30 minutes.  It is crazy West Coast beautiful. We will be shooting some photos of Vintage clothing that will be added to the shop https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/kendalvintage so i’ll upload a few to show you once I’m back!

Buona sera!